Saturday, November 19, 2016

Day 19: What Does Your Handwriting Tell About You

Our handwriting is as unique as our personality
While researching for this piece, I was thrilled to find some articles that echo my thoughts. I recommend that you read the first two pieces for sure. The first one is was written on National Handwriting Day - yes. it's on 23rd January - a couple of years ago:

 And the next one also talks about the unique and personal nature of our handwriting:

In case you are interested in how your handwriting can reveal things about your personality, here's an interesting infographic that explains it in great detail:

And here's some extra reading on how your handwriting can predict what kind of a lover you'll be in bed! 

When was the last time you sent out a hand written notes? What do you write apart from grocery lists or a note to remember something? 

This post is a part of #NaBloPoMo which stands for National Blog Posting Month hosted by BlogHer.


  1. How many of us even write notes anymore? I'm 63 and am ashamed to admit that I haven't handwritten a letter in a long time. Maybe short thank you notes, but that's it. In our country, many schools aren't even teaching cursive writing anymore. I have even blogged about handwriting a couple of times in the past.

    1. So true! And that's why getting a hand written note felt so strange! Hope we keep writing in one form or the other :)

  2. I'm going to write all blog posts by hand now.