Friday, November 11, 2016

Day 11: 96 Fun Things To Do On A Weekend

Extra tip: You can play frisbee on the beach! (Photo credit)
As if there isn't enough pressure on the weekend - we want to finish errands AND laze around all weekend! But we can't fill the entire time with either. So I have tried to put together a list of thing you can do with your weekend. You could pick and choose so that you balance out the work and fun bit through your weekends: 
  1. Sleep it off
  2. Read all day
  3. Re-read your comfort reads
  4. Spend all day in bed. Order in food
  5. Set up laundry on the washing machine. Go to sleep
  6. Put clothes to dry. Go back to sleep
  7. Run errands on Saturday. Sleep on Sunday
  8. Plan a movie marathon by yourself 
  9. Read a favourite book
  10. Tweet all day
  11. Catch up with friends
  12. Have a night out with friends
  13. Catch up with a local art exhibition by yourself 
  14. Watch movies in the day. Get drunk at night
  15. Finish some dusting/cleaning of your room
  16. Write blog posts
  17. Plan posts for the week/month
  18. Laze during the day. Go out for dinner
  19. Volunteer to teach street kids for a few hours
  20. Play video games
  21. Finish 2 pages of  your colouring book
  22. Finish 2 puzzles in the Sudoku/word puzzle book
  23. Get out on your own for some 'me' time
  24. Watch a live play in a theatre
  25. Watch a new movie in a theatre
  26. Invite friends home
  27. Get yourself invited
  28. Go see a monument in your city you haven't in a while
  29. If you are in Mumbai, enjoy the breeze on Marine Drive
  30. Listen to all your favourite singers
  31. Tidy a cupboard in the kitchen
  32. Organise your photos albums - yeah, now they are digital on your phone
  33. Look through old physical albums with your spouse or family. Re-live those memories
  34. Organise a charity drive
  35. Attend a local event - book readings, lit fests, flea fairs
  36. Go to a concert with friends
  37. Set a day to spend with parents
  38. Do craft work with your kids
  39. Watch your kid(s)' favourite movies together
  40. Watch all your favourite movies with your spouse. Alternate with his/hers next weekend
  41. Take a weekend course
  42. Attend a free seminar
  43. Enrol in a hobby class for cooking/sketching/music/anything that interests you
  44. Invite his friends over. Swap with hers next weekend
  45. Disconnect. Switch off all digital devices for a day. Enjoy the results
  46. Catch up on online reading - saved bookmarks, Twitter favourites
  47. Catch up with your neighbours
  48. Clean out a shelf in your wardrobe
  49. Meet up with besties for a gossip session
  50. Clean the kids' room with your child
  51. Plan a trekking trip with your family
  52. Leave your devices at home and take a picnic in the park
  53. Watch the sunset if possible
  54. Try a new restaurant
  55. Try a new recipe at home. Involve your spouse/child
  56. Get out the old fashioned board games and make it a family activity
  57. Try a new cuisine
  58. Organise a pot luck dinner with neighbours/friends
  59. Take your kids to a library nearby
  60. Go out for a meal by yourself
  61. Watch movies you haven't watched before on Netflix
  62. Set time out to plan for the week ahead
  63. Write a gratitude list - things you are thankful for this weekend
  64. Finish a self-improvement book over the weekend
  65. Focus on personal/family time
  66. Make time for your hobby
  67. Take a walk in the nearby park and introduce yourself to two people
  68. Recharge. Do one activity that helps you de-stress and acquire balance
  69. Take a road trip on your own
  70. Write hand written notes for your friends - even if it is to hand it to them the next day
  71. Learn a new skill
  72. Play videos on Youtube that teach you something new
  73. Organise a picnic for all the kids in your building/block
  74. Respond to personal messages on Facebook, comment on friends' posts
  75. Take a road trip with your family
  76. Discover and listen to free podcasts
  77. Organise your books/CDs
  78. Start a blog
  79. Make time for intimacy
  80. Call a friend you haven't called in a while
  81. Call a family member you haven't called in a while
  82. Take naps twice a day
  83. Put away cellphones and talk to your spouse. About anything
  84. Try something new you haven't tried before
  85. Wake up early and go for a walk
  86. Write a weekly journal
  87. Look up places to vacation next year
  88. Read the newspaper from front to back
  89. Make a trip to the mall but not shop
  90. Declare it a "no chores" weekend
  91. Clear clutter on your personal laptop
  92. Plan a girls' night out. Swap it for your spouse next week
  93. Lie in bed and just stare at the ceiling
  94. Go wine tasting
  95. Go grocery shopping with your kid and make it a game
  96. Ignore this list and do what you like! 
I am sure you will find a lot of ideas here useful. Go ahead and explore them. It's important to unwind during the weekend but it also the time to try new things, bond with our family and make time for ourselves. Can you help me add to this list? Suggestions welcome in the comments! :)

This post is a part of #NaBloPoMo which stands for National Blog Posting Month hosted by BlogHer.


  1. Lovely post Suman! There are so many ideas to pick from. Especially love number 69... I hope to do that once.. Not just for a weekend but a full week.. :) Will hope that happens soon.

  2. Oh God! That's an exhaustive list :)
    And that reminds me, I need to tidy up my cupboard.