Sunday, November 13, 2016

Day 13: 3 Great Resources On Beating Writer's Block

For times when you are stuck! (Photo credit)
How can we have a daily challenge and not talk about writer's block! While we do have prompts to write on on weekdays, we may not want to use some of them. And weekends anyways need to be survived without prompts. Although, I feel, depending on the topic of your blog, there can be no dearth of topics...ever! If you read enough, you will know.

Anyways, since we do get stuck at times, here are a few brilliant resources to keep you going.

1. The first one is my own post that I wrote during the blogging challenge last year. I follow most of these tips and they have worked quite well for me:

2. The second one is from Wordpress. It has a few more tips to beat the block:

3. While you start on that list of topics/ideas, here are a few prompts to flex your creative muscles and get the creative juices flowing:

While this is a short post, it has enough food for thought to last a while! All the best for the rest of the challenge! Let the words flow...

This post is a part of #NaBloPoMo which stands for National Blog Posting Month hosted by BlogHer.

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