Friday, November 25, 2016

Day 25: If We Looked At It With A Child's Eyes?

We could do with adopting the innocence of children (Photo credit)
I decided to use the prompt for today - What do you think we could all do better with if we looked at it with a child's eyes? I think it is interesting. We all can do to think like children. Even when we grow up, we can keep the child in us alive. It is hard to do that in the world we live in. But we can try.

One thing we all could do better with if we looked at it with a child's eyes is the innocence of children. As opposed to adults who judge, children look at the world through their naive ignorance. It doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor, something as simple as a candy can make them happy. You can invent silly games and they will love you dearly instead of judging your intelligence or lack of it. They don't care about your social status. Treat them well and they will be your pals. They will never tell you it's time to get married or jump to conclusions for being single. It doesn't matter to them if your house is small as long as they are welcome in it. Whether you are white or black, a friendly smile is enough is draw them to you.

If they ask rude questions, it is only because they have heard the older people around them discussing things they should not. It is unfortunate that instead of learning from them, we corrupt them with our worldview. Teach them to sit in judgement of people and treat them differently based on our own criteria of looking at the world. All of us are better off being more like children and keep that child-like innocence alive.

Do you agree with me? What do you think we can learn from kids?

This post is written for #NaBloPoMo which stands for National Blog Posting Month hosted by Blogher.

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