Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Day 8: The Taste Of Kerala In Mumbai

For people up north, everyone down south is a Madraasi. Some people even today think that way. They have no distinction of the 4 states (now 5, since the division of AP) that make South India. Thankfully, I was born and raised in Bangalore (albeit in a Punjabi household) and so knew the difference. When I got married to a Keralite (people who hail from the southern state of Kerala) but born and raised in Mumbai, I was in for a surprise. Mallus do have a unique cuisine of their own which isn't common to other south Indian states. Since my in-laws are mainly vegetarians (who eat no meat), I thought that is how most Kerala cuisine is. But a few trips to the Mecca of Mallus, Dubai, gave me a taste of how great chicken and fish can taste with the kerala cuisine spices.

Imagine our happiness - well, the spouse calls himself a pseudo mallu but loves his cuisine - when we found authentic mallu food right here in Mumbai. I'm not a south Indian but definitely dig great food occasionally. Lalit, the taste of Kerala is an unassuming place tucked on a by lane in Fort with nothing posh about it. But the chef knows his stuff. The first time we went about a month ago, we ordered a sampling of a few dishes.

We had some tapioca which is unique to Kerala cuisine and some fish curry to go with it. We also ordered some prawns. Although all the food is spicy, this one is hotter than the rest. We ordered their special steamed fish that comes wrapped in a plantain leaf. Despite the watering eyes and sweat running down my back, it is still worth the amazing flavours the cuisine brings into your mouth. 

The next time we went was last week, we decided to try something we hadn't the last time. And as you can see below, we ordered a couple of their gravy dishes in chicken and fish and the special Kerala parotta (a variant of the North Indian paratha). And the prawns, which have now become our 'usual' order. 

They also have desserts which are typically made in Mallu households. If you love regional cuisine and would like to taste some authentic Kerala fare, this is the place for you. Only warning: you may find the food spicy if you are used to bland food. You can tell them to make it less spicy and it might help. It is definitely a try at least once and you can take it from there.

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  1. Well written Suman. :) I am a vegetarian so can't enjoy any of your suggestions here. :P I love kadalakkai from there along with the Kerala parota. Yum. Mouth watering. :) Another thing I enjoy is the potato fry made in coconut oil. Yummy! :)

  2. Tapioca and fish curry is a very popular Keralite dish and yes, the curry tends to be spicy. Same too with prawns fry.
    In Kannur (where I live) and the Malabar region in general, we love our non veg dishes and the spicier, the better :)


    1. Yeah! I learnt about that after I met some of my spouses non-vegetarian relatives. I am a bit low on spice but man up for the Kerala cuisine :)

  3. I enjoy Kerala cuisine and after having two Onam Sadhya, I can my appetite is pretty good. :)

  4. Tapioca, Fish curry, Prawns, Parotta.. I couldn't read any further! I'm missing home! Mammmaaaaaa :( :(