Sunday, November 6, 2016

Day 6: Why Do People Honk So Much?

We take this quite seriously! (Photo credit)
Disclaimer: I don't drive and so I don't know how critical honking is to be able to drive through the streets. My spouse pretty much doesn't use it at all and that's all the exposure I have about this)

Whether you drive or you don't, the loudest noise when you step out on Indian streets is the incessant honking from every vehicle. And as someone who's always sitting next to the driver, I have unique observations about honking. People honk in traffic jams, people honk when the light turns green as if it'll speeden up the process, people honk if someone stops for as much as a second in front of them even though no one would stop unless there's another vehicle blocking their way. Sometimes people honk only because they are imbecile because it seems just like that - no reason!

So here are a few reasons why I think people honk so much:

1. We are Indians and we want to use every feature to the maximum capacity. We have a horn and we'll use it well.
2. Sitting in traffic gets boring - let's make some noise
3. It could be a source of entertainment - honk-honk every few minutes keeps the rhythm going
4. This is my fav - some people hit it like it's some kind of a pleasure point and the driver will be finished before reaching home - if you know what I mean ;)
5. Sometimes it just seems like lack of common sense - honk just to be on the safer side
6. Maybe, there's a myth that says the more you honk, the luckier you get! Why else would people honk for no reason too!
7. Honking noises might reach the aliens who are looking for a planet with life and this could be our chance to get discovered!
8. I guess honking is also a secret way to making/saving/generating money - I don't know! Seems like a good reason to go honk honk honk honk honk
9. Honking also seems like a secret code to something. Maybe, people who honk so much are trying to tell us something. We should hear more carefully, I guess!
10. All the honking might help people discover their musical talent. I am guessing some of our music composers found their talent honking away to glory
11. This is my last guess - people keep pressing the horn hoping to release weapons to destroy all the vehicles ahead of them. They keep at it hoping the button will get unstuck someday

Why do you think people honk so much? I am sure you must have some theories about it! Go on..shoot!

This post is written for the daily blogging challenge #NaBloPoMo by Blogher where I will write one post everyday!


  1. Ask me about honking. I can't stand the unnecessary ones at all. Some people use honking instead of applying brakes and mostly cab drivers do that. One reason I am so scared of driving on roads is the unnecessary honking. :/

    1. It's the story in every city! Even auto rickshaw guys are pretty notorious!

  2. Having grown up in New York City, which I thought was the honking capital of the world, I laughed and laughed at your theories. Gosh, I don't have any better theories about honking. If only we could generate wealth by honking!! If only.

    1. Thank you! I rarely write humour but happy to know people got the spirit of the post! :)

  3. Awesome post! Had I been a stand up comic, I would have stolen these lines from you.

  4. Please feel free to use them if you ever become one! :)

  5. Lovely post. I have never quite been able to figure out as to why we honk so much. And if I had my way, I would attach a monetary charge every time someone used a honk. But then as people say, wishful thinking... :)

  6. Haha! That was hilarious. But I know how irritating it is! :)