Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mirchi and Mime: An Afternoon with Food and A Friend

Mirchi and Mime (Photo credit)
What better times can there be than the ones spent in the company of great friends and delicious food. Last monday was one such day. I went out to meet my friend, Mitu Samar, a leading personal branding consultant. She suggested that we catch up for lunch. And the place we went to only added to the great time we had. Since we live close to each other, we decided to meet up at Powai in the same complex where Cafe Mangi is. I did not know there were more cafes in the area nor had I heard of this restaurant where she was waiting for me. The place is called Mirchi and Mime. Here is their Facebook page.

What is unique about this place is that the waiters/servers are all deaf-mute people. It just shows that when people are trained and given the opportunity, they can do a good job of anything. The menu is a simple one with columns for soups, salads, appetisers (tawa and tandoori), Vegetarian and non vegetarian main course, sides/breads and desserts. At the top of every column is a specific sign for that category which you can use and indicate the item number showing the fingers of your hands.

The menu at the restaurant Photo credit
The meal starts with a person who can speak explain the concept to us and introduce the person who will serve our table who welcomes us in sign language. I think the sign language added a unique aspect to the eating experience. It was so easy to communicate with them with the basic signs we learnt in no time. And the food was just delicious. We ordered chicken and fish. The flavours were great and the service impeccable. It was a unique dining experience.

If you happen to be around, I'd recommend that you drop with for a great meal at Mirchi and Mime.

PS: This is not a paid post.

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