Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon - Movie review

Not worth a watch! 

I'd like to confess that this review is based on watching an hour of the film. I also want to confess that I went to watch the film just for Kapil and for the sheer hard work that's taken him to the big screen. However, from whatever I had heard of the plot of the movie, I knew that it wasn't going to be very great. And I was proven right five minutes into the film. 

Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon is the story of a man who gets married to 3 girls for the flimsiest of reasons that defy all logic. And the rest of the film is a Saajan Chale Sasuraal style dodging of people he doesn't want to run into but does. Plus, the palatial, well furnished homes in Mumbai for 3 wives is a tad too much even for the suspension in disbelief that Bollywood usually requires. 

We walked out in an hour for 2 reasons. One, the plot was pretty clear and the comedy wasn't as great as I had expected. Two, and more importantly, my spouse thought this was my way of torturing him for something wrong he did to me.  So I decided to leave in the better interest of my marriage ;) 

To be honest, my expectations of comedy from the film were quite high. It's a dud in that dept. Kapil, somehow, doesn't seem to fit the big screen. The image of Bittu Sharma is too overwhelming in my mind to see him as anyone else. His dialogue delivery, gauche dancing and his mannerisms simply remind you of the guy who appears in the comfort of your homes every weekend. 

All the lead women are new, unknown, model like people who are there just to look pretty. The skin show and forced glamour just makes it unreal since no one sitting at home (as confessed by the characters themselves) would have the well toned bodies they have. The songs (2 in an hour) are out of place and make no sense.

All in all, it's a dud for me. I expected a much more powerful script, performance, comedy and power from an actor of Kapil's calibre. I don't doubt his ability to act or his screen presence but with this film, the script itself lets him down right from the start. Wishing him better luck next time! 

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