Thursday, September 24, 2015

ThrowbackThursday - Memories from 2012

Found this photo with the spouse from september 2012
I am declared the super blogger this week by Blog chatter during their blog chat which happens every wednesday at 8.30 pm. I am using the opportunity to blog every day for 7 days to justify the honour. Since it's only laziness between me and my wonderful writing, I think it is a great way to kick myself into action!

For the first post this week, I ran into this much forgotten photo with the spouse. It was taken at a family function in 2012. I cherish such couple photos more also because we do not have a lot of them together. Initially, we used to ask people to click a couple photo during our travels. And then it just got a little odd to do that and we just got busy clicking the hotel rooms and scenery around. Of course, this is before the selfie wave hit us and we aren't so much of selfie buffs. 

Anyways, I digress. The most exciting bit for me when I look at old photos is to stare at them and wonder how much have I changed. Do I look older now? Maybe, you can tell me in your comments :)

I also want to spare a word for this saree - one from my Satya Paul collection and drapes pretty well. This also reminds me that this was the last time I probably draped this one - not many opportunities for sarees and each one has to wait a long time for its turn. 

What are your best Throwback Thursday memories? I'd love to hear about them. 

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  1. Oh lovely! And to think a lot of me thinks on similar lines. The very few couple photos and not to forget the wonderful attire called saree seeing very little light these days!