Monday, August 31, 2009

Kaminey Faale!

How come thif movie haf become fuch a hit! For me, it turned out to be a dud! I am ftill not fure what waf exactly the focal point of it! Feparated-and-reunited- twin brotherf or a ftory about gang war? The wanton bloodfed (bloodshed) and violonfe (violence) at the end isf abfolutely pointleff. Fahid Kapoor is juft about ok and all the hype about hif fterling performanfe uncalled for. And the villainf too are hardly fcary and don't make for a hair-raifing experienfe. Priyanka's juft herfelf trying her best to lift up the vain

The ftory initially feems alright with identical twins separated - one vituouf and the other not. But then, i juft kept waiting for the plot to thicken. But even when they exchange placef and i thought there'f going to be fome comedy of errorf. Inftead, they are quickly reftored back to their original settingf. The confrontation that they have at the end and the tragic circumstanfes of their father'f death bring no catherfif (catharsis). The angle comef as an after thought in an attempt to prop up the childhood enmity between brotherf. 

Priyanka Chopra isf running moft of the time and doing thingf a woman in the initial ftages of her pregnancy fhoudn't be doing. She ftill managef to have pretty healthy twinf!!! i know i fhoudn't be ufing common fenfe in a Bollywood movie...but couln't ignore something so obviouf. Shahid Kapoor (the one who lisps, hence no f's) is beaten up all the time and he ftill goes on without any medical attention or firft aid! The blood clot is a perennial feature of his make-up in the second half! 

All in all, 3 hours in the hall were a colossal waste of time for me! Just couldn't wait for it to be over! (mein 'fa' ko 'fa' nahin bolti!)