Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Aaj pehli taarikh hai!

As i was mulling over what to write, write i had to on the first day of the month....i remembered the punch line of Cadbury's. The world of advertising just got a little more aggressive. My memories of retaliation in advertising go back to the Pepsi-cola war when there were sequels of ad campaigns fiercely trying to outdo each other. And the most recent one being the hit-back of Munch with the proposition that Munch can be eaten on any date, day after day!  i thought that was kinda cute way of getting back. Also the ad of a competing water filter brand has a guy in a yellow raincoat reminding us of Pureit. Maybe we don't have enough original ideas left in the industry that copy writers look at existing campaigns for inspiration. No harm on making fun of your opposition but i think this could be done with more subtlety. 

One thing that i really love about ads today is the widespread presence of kids. From washing powders to selling insurance - kids are all over the place. i feel this makes the ad that much more easy to recall. With most choices made in the family being pegged on kids' whims and fancies, it seems to only reflect the change in our social fabric. While kids provide us entertainment value, whether or not we buy the product and their parents are laughing all the way to the bank, i guess no ones complaining. We can hope to see more cute kids showcasing their talent for those few seconds pulling at the strings of our hearts.  

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