Friday, August 28, 2009

No Bang..... only whimper!!

That’s exactly what it has been, with me missing from action for a few more days even after i finished my exam. The days just fly past and i only end up contemplating what should go next on my blog. And my blog being very special to me, i want exclusive time (lots of it, actually) to mull over what to write, how to write, researching facts etc. i promptly visit my blog first thing when i switch my comp on (half hoping some good samaritan has done the deed for the day by commenting on any of my posts!), but that’s the end of it. A fastidious person that i am, i want my post going online exactly when i finish it and not when i start writing it since i might do a post in bits over a day. So now you know that i take my blog pretty seriously and do not want to write things that wouldn’t interest my precious readers!

And i also know the reasons i have elaborated above are insignificant to you. So let’s talk of something else. There is no dearth of different professions in today’s times. Changing times have given birth to a lot of newer ones. We call them offbeat professions. i find some of them quite intriguing. When I was in school, i only knew about subjects that would make me a teacher, doctor, engineer and all those kinds of usual stuff. i never knew what made a Social Commentator. Or a Relationship Expert? Imagine making a career out of commenting on the changing social fabric of a city. Or better still being paid to state on a TV program that men are genetically programmed to be unfaithful!!

And then there are Mind and Body Experts who can tell you how to find what all of us are looking for - Happiness!! That's a cool off beat profession. A couple of such people are a huge rage in India. They get quoted in the leading newspapers and readers gulp down their nuggets of wisdom first thing in the morning. i wish i was one. i would never ever be unhappy since i would know how to capture the elusive emotion the whole world is striving to achieve. Leadership Gurus. That's another category of innovative people who have given rise to another fraternity altogether.

i am wondering where would i fit in! Will be back with some innovative off beat careers i can pursue! Watch this space!!

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