Saturday, August 8, 2009

A New Beginning!

Hello Everyone! Bookmark this blog cz i am sure none of you want to feel left out when this rocking place becomes the talk of cyberspace! Too haughty, right! Nah! Just trying to feel upbeat since i finallllly started a blog and have begun taking baby steps towards making it going great! Of course, i look forward to your comments, suggestions, arguments, questions, disagreements, affirmations etc to make it an interactive place.

My primary intention to begin with is to just hack away at the keyboard and the rest can follow later when i figure out the meandering pathways of settings, layouts, gadgets etc! i don't promise to give to spicy gossip or biting reviews, neither do i intend to sermonise or elevate through my blog. It's going to be just a rambling, flowing stream of thoughts that stop by at points of interest and examine, investigate or simply comment!

For now, thanks so much for visiting my blog and reading my first post. Do drop a line if you happen to know me and you are welcome to do so even if you don't!!!


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