Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Will be right back....

Well! i've been missing from action for a few days cz of time constraints. i have an exam next week and i really don't seem to be reaching the end of my textbook. But i've also been exploring other blogs, reading them (cursorily though, exam remember!) and trying to figure out interesting things that can be put on my site to make it look more happening and fuller. Right now i feel it looks so empty. And once my exam is over, i shall get down to actually trying out gadgets that i want to put on my blog.

Since my exam is on my mind, i've not been really keen on mulling over things to write about. And there hasn't been anything in the past week to really trigger my responses. Except maybe the hullabalu about SRK's detention at Newark airport. Big deal! Should have belted out dialogues from a few of his movies and the officials there would have themselves ensured his speedy ejection from the airport!

Anyways, i got to get back to my studies and stop hacking away at the keyboard with my mindless rambling! Till the next time......

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