Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pink Money

Legalising Homosexuality in India has taken our country by storm. It is certainly music to the ears of gays who were forced to stay closeted fearing the stigma attached to them. The move of the honourable court is a commendable one in ensuring that discrmination is not done on the basis of something as personal as a person's sexual preference. A mere proclivity doesn't make a man (or woman) since a whole lot of other characterisitcs define a human being.

But all the halla gulla about the Gay relationships being made legal in India seems almost anachronistic when you look at it from a global angle. In countries like the UK and the US, the power of Pink Money has made its presence felt across business sectors leading to a flourishing economy that runs on it. (funny that even money changes colour depending on who it comes from - greenbacks to pink dollars!) In the US, huge amounts of Pink Dollars even went into prestigious campaign accounts in the Presidential Elections and both Obama and Hillary Clinton wooed the gay vote bank. While we in India are still coming to terms with the fact that people can fall in love with others of the same sex, pink money is a multi-billion industry abroad. There are shops, restaurants, resorts and even cabs that cater exclusively to the Homosexual communities.

Well! Those are liberal and broad minded societies that condone a lot more than this. But it is an insult to our rich, cultural heritage of India to even think of such a thing. It is a sin, against God nd Nature. People who love others of the same sex are possessed and probably need curing etc etc. But hey! Look around and you will find the ripples of change just beginning to emerge even in our country. Designers who cater to this commnity also, spas where you can enjoy with your partner without feeling awkward and event management companies who can put up an event together just for gay couples what want to come together and enjoy with some of their own kind. It might take a while before this trend becomes current but the mindset is slowly but surely changing.

We country moving towards being a developed country would be so in the real sense when we have made sure that no sectionsof our society are discriminated against. We need to exemplify equality which is one of the pillars of our Republic. And the new law is a major step towards upholding those very values that make mera Bharat mahan.

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