Sunday, August 14, 2016

Your Level Of Disgust Decides If You Are Tolerant

Disgust affects a lot of your preferences (Photo credit)
Disgust - a very strange emotion to write on! Who wants to think about disgusting things! And write a  post recalling them. So I thought, like yesterday, can talk about a less known aspect about disgust.

Did you know that disgust is not just an emotion, it also has a strong connection with our opinions of a lot of unconnected things. There are people who are tolerant of a lot of things. But some others are more accepting of others choices. Studies have shown that all this has to do,with the tolerance levels to disgust. In one of the experiments done to test this, a gas that smelled like fart was released in one room before the participants had to answer a questionnaire about their views on things like political views, homosexual etc. The other room had participants who weren't subjected to is obnoxious smell. The result: the participants who were disgusted by the fart smell were more conservative in their views.

In general, people who are easily disgusted are more conservative and less tolerant of others views. And reverse is also true. Disgust is responsible for your views on morality and politics.

Are you someone who is easily disgusted? Take this disgust sensitivity test. The results might surprise you.

This post is written for the blogging challenge, #BlogOEmotion by #CreativeCurves and this day 7 with the prompt, disgust.

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