Thursday, August 11, 2016

#BlogOEmotion Day 4: What Does Trust Mean To You?

Relationships: Is there someone you trust completely?
Tiny, soft and cute. No one thinks of new born babies as helpless. But think about it. A baby is completely dependent on the parents. Even though it is just born, it knows a mother's touch. It feels safe in the comfort of her arms. Through most of the first year of its life, babies trust their parents. Have you noticed how babies a few months old sometimes tightly clutch the dad's shirt while hoisted up on his arms? There is blind trust that makes them latch on to parents. There is no scope for doubting even for a bit that they'll let the baby down. But as we grow up, seeds of distrust are sown in our mind by the world. Our expectations are thwarted and we learn the precious lesson that everyone is not going to be like our parents are - people we can lean on without any doubt.

Research suggests that we need to trust and respect people before we build a relationship. And trust aways comes before respect. When we meet new people, the first question our instincts are trying to answer is if we can trust someone. Only when that is satisfied do we learn to respect.

Do you have someone in your life that you trust so completely even now? How hard is it to start trusting people? Easy? Hard? I'd love to hear your experiences.

This post has been written for #CreativeCurves under #BlogOEmotion week and this is the post for Day 4 on Trust