Saturday, August 13, 2016

Love Is Just Chemical Locha In Your Brain

Love makes the world go round!
Remember that rush of feelings when you first begin to like someone. All of us have been silly teenagers smiling secretly to ourselves and humming romantic Bollywood numbers. The blush of first love stays in our memories forever and the nostalgia brings back the same smile. Or a crush you have on someone new you meet. Wonderful feelings that makes the world a more beautiful place. It's all pink and full of balloons! You think about that person all the time. You want to be together all the time. It's just the most amazing feeling in the world.

But what if I burst your bubble and said that all it isn't really love at all. And that's the reason why it fades a few years into marriage. Or that crushes don't last forever. You don't have that heady feeling of love after you've been with people for a duration of time. And you have Oxytocin, the love hormone to blame for all this. Not just people, it's the same feeling of well being when you shop for new things. And this is the stuff that shopaholics feed on. The rush recedes and then they go and shop some more.

So the next time you feel silly in love, remember it's just some hormones acting up. It will wear off and that will be the true test of whether you really love someone or not.

This post has been written for #CreativeCurves under #BlogOEmotion week and this is Day 6 on the prompt, Love 

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