Saturday, September 19, 2009

A baby's smiling face

There's no bigger joy in this world than a baby's smiling face. And the time just flies of in the company of their innocence. It was something similar for me during my trip to Delhi last weekend. My four-month-old niece is so great to be with. My sister had mentioned a lot of times about the lovely and Kute smiles she's begun throwing at faces looking at her trying to engage her in baby-talk. And i was really eager to see it for myself.

When i finally landed in Delhi to see my Darling Princess, i found her to be an absolute bundle of joy. She looks up at you with her big black eyes and looking at you smiling at her she breaks into her kutest smile! Her wide toothless smile simply makes my day! It's such a beautiful phase of life and I often wonder what are a baby's thoughts about the world around. The simplest of things amuse them and make them so happy.

She's a gurgling baby quite happy to be baby talking by herself on the bed.
Her eyes move around taking in the actions around her and legs rapidly kicking the air to show her excitement.

Another of her favourite diversion is to blissfully suck her thumb. It begins by putting in a few fingers and then find the thumb. If her gurgling stops midway you can be sure she's her thumb has found its way neatly into her mouth and she is happy to indulge herself!

But nothing makes her more happy than to have people around who talk to her. That's when you get to see her cherubic smile every 4 seconds. She is thrilled to be talking to you and sometimes knits her brows while making a profound statement in her baby language!

Baby Ananya has her own set of moods as well! She'll stare at you as if angry. And give you a good stare at that! :)

Or simply yawn away with boredom.

She is truly my Princess!!

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