Sunday, November 8, 2015

#NaBloPoMo Day 8 - Why do I blog?

NaBloPoMo November 2015

I started this blog in 2009 - a time when blogging wasn't a great phenomenon it is now. My knowledge was also so limited that I only knew about blogger and promptly made my blog on it. I just wanted to explore what blogging was all about. The only thing behind the venture was the pure love for writing. Even today, what keeps me hooked to blogging and I keep coming back even after breaks is the love of putting down what I think. And there's nothing more satisfying than a well written piece. (Sometimes we do run into our old posts and wonder - Did I really write this?)

Blogging has changed so much since I started here. There are ways to drive traffic to your blog, key words to worry about, blogoversaries to be planned and give-aways to attract more people. I have never celebrated a blog anniversary or planned a give away. But that’s just because when I started my blog, social media wasn’t an overarching, dominating presence in our lives. Well! It doesn't interest me even now. Although, now I know a lot more about how blogging and promoting content works, I still refuse to get into the rat race. I am also active in a lot of chatting forums, including the amazing @blogchatter where we discuss various aspects of blogging and learn a lot in the process. We often talk about the right frequency of blogging and how we all struggle with our every day routine to find the time, inspiration and the inclination to write and post regularly. I always think we make a big deal of it. Unless you blog for professional reasons or for your clients where you need to ensure a certain frequency, worrying about putting a post a week is futile. I agree with Purba Ray when she said, during BNLF,  that it's best to write when inspiration hits you. Otherwise, I feel, it's all forced labour. And if you truly love writing, you will be drawn to it sooner or later.

So, yeah - the love for writing still remains the primary reason why I blog. And I will write only when I have something worthwhile to add here. Let me know what are your reasons to blog. I'd love to hear about them.


  1. Hi Suman. Heartfelt and sincere feelings put across so simply. I think its very relevant that one writes for the love of it, forced or uninspired matter will eventually be relegated its place-trash! Good one :)

  2. Hi Suman. Hearfelt and sincere thoughts simply delivered! Agree with you that one should write only for the love of it. Uninspired forced writing eventually will get relegated to its correct place-trash. Good one and happy writing :)

  3. Suman! I also started my blog in 2009 and again on blogger because that is all I knew :D This could very well be my post :) The difference is now I do appreciate the power of social media and the idea of kicking procrastination :)

    And what can I say blogchatter it is almost as good as me :P


    1. Thanks for your comments, ladies! IT's encouragement like this that keeps bloggers going! :)

  4. Great post! Writing for me is liberating. Many a times what I can write, I can't share in person. When I write, I feel I am talking to someone and I wish to leave a smile, something to be happy about or may be a thought to reflect upon :)

  5. Write for the love of writing . That's what makes this blog so special.