Saturday, November 7, 2015

#NaBloPoMo Day 7 - 10 Things To Remember When You Hire A Co-working Office

NaBloPoMo November 2015

I have already shared my experience of how co-working spaces helped me afford an office in Mumbai. While that was fun, it was only a short term thing for trial. But I once again went looking for a new space in a better locality. And what better than Hiranandani in the heart of Mumbai. But can individuals like me really afford a place in The mecca of great architecture? You will be surprised at the deal I got at Regus! Even though it's obviously not a huge, posh office of my own but just a pod in the lounge, it works out to be a great space to move away from the din of life and get some work done.

Since I looked around this space and finalised in a matter of hours, there were things that came to me as an after thought. And that made me want to put it in a blog post where others could learn pointers when they go out looking for co-working spaces:

1. The space should be easy to travel to
2. Timings of the space and holidays list - I'd expect such places to be open all days since entrepreneurs don't follow a schedule. But apparently not.
3. Is there a contract or can you move out after a month (this one has a 6 month contract)
4. Eating options around the office - unless you live with mom 
5. Do they let you eat at your seat - especially if you are in a lounge like me? (this one doesn't)
6. Do they have a separate pantry where you could eat? (this one doesn't have that too. Bummer!)
7. Check out the loos - just in case. That, to me, is the touchstone to any place
8. The proper terms and conditions- the pods at Regus are open and you can occupy any available (and they are mostly gone if I arrive late)
9. Check plug point compatibility with your devices. With so many types of chargers, this is critical. The American one that I have needs an adaptor and that's a pain. 
10. Check for customer service - do you have a number if you need to contact them, would they help you with adaptors in case you forget yours, will they make exceptions if you need help. 

These are the things that came to my mind. I knew about some of these limitations before I decided to rent it. But then with the rate of offices in Mumbai, price was the clincher for me. 

Have you worked out of a co-working space? Do share your experiences. I'd love to hear them and learn more. 

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  1. Hey Suman... these are great tips... I think infrastructure is something a corporate employee takes for granted and that is the one thing startups should seriously think about while hiring an office space...