Wednesday, November 18, 2015

#NaBloPoMo Day 18 - Does writing have the power to change the world?

NaBloPoMo November 2015

This post is inspired by a chat I was a part of on Twitter today. The chat got into a heated discussion when I pointed out how blogging can be used as a powerful medium of change and not just a personal goal of posting once a week. I have been active on a few blogging communities, learning from others and getting to know the issues that other bloggers face. I understand a lot of their issues but also disagree with a few like writer's block.

One of the issues that we all face as bloggers is lack of time or motivation to fit in regular blogging into our schedule. Life takes over and we are left with guilt for not writing as much as we thought we should. Being able to stick to our plans and write regularly is definitely a personal achievement. And with each of us meeting that goal, it sure makes blogging stronger and more of our thoughts go out there hoping to make a difference.

But I am thinking about blogging for the sake of making a difference. I believe that blogging has the power of changing the world. When someone can use the power of social media to become the Prime Minister of the country, I think the time is ripe to use online activism to  bring about real change. Write to build awareness. Write to change attitudes. Write to bring injustice to notice. Write to throw light on social parity. Write because you can use the power of words. Write because pen will always remain mightier than the sword. Write for the larger good of the world.

There was no social media or blogging when Gandhi was struggling against the British. Hence he organised a real Dandi March and launched Quit India Movement. To me, blogging can be that medium which can galvanise a nation into action. Words have the power to move. And when enough of us use that power, we will make a difference. We will force things to change. We will rope in more support for our causes.

I am reminded of the inspirational end of Purba Ray's speech at BNLF when she said that blogging can go to a level where when people ask you what do you do and you reply, "I blog", they respond with "Thank you".

You have the weapon of blogging. How you use it is your choice.

(I quote Purba from memory and I hope I have brought out the meaning and context in the right manner)


  1. Blogging does have the power to bring about a massive change. There are few who are opinion leaders who can help change the way a country, a community or even the world thinks. However, there is a much smaller, though equally significant roles bloggers play in today's world. A role that comes with responsibility so big that it is actually scary. It is the role of information dissemination. Be it vacation planning, buying stuff online to even a work related tech problem where I need a solution, I head to a bog. I trust that nameless, faceless blogger much more than a paid media person. I don't think we have to do something radical to make a difference. Smaller things like this are enough. What say?

  2. Every word of this post strikes a chord. Blogging today definitely has the potential to bring about a big change, if not a revolution, if used in the right way!

  3. Thank you Piyu and Ankita for your comments :)

  4. Powerful words and an even more powerful message. Yes I agree the pen will always be mightier than the sword. You can move mountains with words. A concious effort is what it takes. Probably why not many of us in blogging are not doing it is, fear of retribution, backlash and all the negatives that come along with speaking aloud the harsh truth. But its time we woke up to the power of the pen and see that the deluge of powerful words overpowers injustice! Awesome Suman!

  5. Thank you for the kind words, Kala!