Monday, December 21, 2015

11 reasons why 2015 was awesome for me

Countdown 2016 (Photo credit)
Starting today, I am doing a countdown to the new year with a new post everyday - just a fun way to make the end of the year more fun! So, for today I thought of 11 reasons why this year was awesome for me.

1. I made my first set of friends in Mumbai during Social Media Week earlier this year
2. I got into the routine of regular workouts and it feels great
3. My training blog has 80 posts and I took up a 30 day blogging challenge on this one
4. I became friends with a visually challenged person and learnt to appreciate life through her eyes
5. I got to train in Srinagar, which was a pretty unique experience
6. I was featured among female entrepreneurs on We Are The City
7. I met blogging stalwarts like Purba Ray, Arnab Ray, social media geniuses like Jeff Bullas and Sean Gardner
8. Lost my blogging mojo and found it back, thanks to @blogchatter on Twitter
9. Got myself certified as a coach
10. I discovered co-working spaces and have a so-called office I can go to and work from
11. I should reach 1800 followers on Twitter by the end of 2015 from a paltry number of a few hundred at the beginning

Actually, there are more awesome things like sitting through the creative writing class by Natasha Badhwar and the master class by Jeff Bullas. So, it was a great year in many ways.

Can you think of reasons why this year was brilliant for you?


  1. So many reasons! To begin with Blogchatter happened the way it did for me on an individual basis :) And Suman it was lovely having you join the community in this way :)

  2. You did have a pretty awesome year! Hope 2016 is even better :)

  3. No wonder it has been a brilliant year for you. Very inspiring too. I hope to blog often in 2016. :) I have enjoyed reading your blogs all through 2015. All the very best for 2016 and I know its going to be rocking.. :)

  4. Yes.
    I agree with the 8th point. I was dormant initially on blogchatter but once I got involved, I started blogging again. Took up blogging challenge this december which I am not regular now,but blogchatter gave me a start again. Now no looking back :)
    Happy writing Suman