Sunday, October 11, 2015

6 Reasons Why 'Comedy Nights' Doesn't Work Anymore

Comedy Nights is reduced to just insipid slapstick comedy (Photo Credit)
While switching channels recently, I ran into a recent episode of Comedy Nights with Kapil. This used to be my favourite program on TV for a long time. I have lived on re-runs of the comedy show. I lost touch with the program as I got busy and couldn’t catch up with episodes online. (I haven’t watched live TV in years!) The last I remember was the revamp of the old set and the repetitive punch lines that had lost punch. 

When I ran into it again, I wanted to see what’s up now. And I could tolerate it for exactly 10 minutes. Here’s why?

1. The current set is garish beyond words. What led to that change is still a mystery to me
2. The gigs have become insipid and repetitive
3. The character acts have become sheer slapstick comedy. I was never a fan of physical fight on the program
4. It’s run for 2 years too long for it to retain freshness/novelty
5. The verbal wife bashing, another thing I have always hated, is almost nauseous now (sic!)
6. It’s just another film promotion program with no original, creative content in it. 

Asking Akshay Kumar if Prabhu Deva wore a vest under his shirt, to check the working relationship between the two, is definitely a new low in the program. And he got a fitting response in the typical Akki style that the question make no sense. Kapil might next ask if Prabhudeva wore undies under his pants. Sheer nonsense! 

Comedy nights did bring back comedy into fashion. And how! But unfortunately it has been dragged for long enough to fall from grace. It's sad to see something so unique deteriorate to this and I have no clue why Kapil or the channel may want to continue to telecast it. It could be a popular film promotion scene and the star power might be bringing in the TRPs. But if you ask me, it's time to call it a day. And maybe come back another day with a fresh look, new characters and better gigs.

I hope Kapil and his team will consider this soon.

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