Friday, April 3, 2015

Why this is the best time to be alive!

This is the best time to be alive! Photo Credit
This is the best time to be alive!

The prevalent zeitgeist is so full of positive affirmation. The vibe is favourable and promising to engage and indulge in whatever you feel like. The profession you want to be in. Or the person you don’t want to be. No, I am not brimming with misplaced exuberance. I know there are still rapes, murders and other atrocities. We do not live in a perfect world. But the world seems to have changed for the better in a lot of ways and in unprecedented leaps and bounds in the last 5 years or so. And, to me, most of it is change for the better. Seriously, my generation seems pretty anachronistic in today’s times if we don’t catch up with the times. 

The change is evident everywhere. Let’s look at the most common thing to affect all our lives - gadgets. The sheer number and variety for every possible need is mind boggling! The shapes, sizes and sleekness is a testimony to how far we have moved. When I think of my first cellphone, I am reminded of a thick, black brick! I am sure kids in their 20s today would refuse to even touch it. We no longer have to carry heavy laptops around. PC is a relic of the past. Ipads, kindles and their ilk have made browsing, reading easier. There are devices just to indulge in the pleasure of gaming. There are better headphones and bigger televisions. 

And to complement it all, there’s internet in the air, literally! Connectivity is the buzzword! And the kind of connectivity we have today blows my mind away. When I sent my first SMS to my friend more than a decade ago, it seemed no short of a miracle that she could read it instantly. And why not! We were, so far, used to writing reams of pages and waiting for days for the letter to arrive. (And STD calls cost an arm and a leg)

Even though, 24/7 internet is a more recent thing in my life, I sometimes wonder how I lived without it for so long. Google is my friend, guide, mentor, decision maker and what not! And when people ask what something is, I judge them! You shouldn’t ask for objective information when you have Google! And as I discover the new treats of connectivity, my belief about living in the best time ever gets stronger. I have ordered food online! I call for a cab online. And Google Maps ensures I am never lost in any part of the country! I have booked office space for just 3 hours online. I have bought onions and potatoes online! 

Thanks to connectivity, no one is too far away. You can see your grand kids grow through your computer screen. You can download apps for travel, to share pictures - even add filters to make you look more beautiful - and videos instantly, music, shopping, weather and the list is endless. 

But what I find the most fascinating about our times now - and which has had the most impact on the fabric of our society today - is the liberty to be exactly who you want to be. Gender and age no bar. Pursue your dreams. Follow your heart. Love cooking? Be a chef. Even if you are man. Love music? Grow your hair and make independent music. Stuck at home with an infant? Start a blog and tell the world about your passion. Want to change the world? Start a revolution on social media. Can’t find a job? Be an entrepreneur. 

We live in times when people get free food and are paid to write reviews about it. Food bloggers! People make money out of telling you what colours to wear. Image consultants! You can just sit home and write full time to make money. Bloggers! No matter what you want to do, you’ll find support. And it’s easier to connect with like minded people, thanks to social media. No place is too far and no information inaccessible. 

Have I missed out on something. Go ahead and add it in your comments. Would love to hear your ideas on what makes these the best times for you!


  1. Well said, Suman. Apart from the trends on connectivity, in my personal life, I am now a mom too! Everyday seeing my daughter play, makes me feel alive. So this is a best time for people in my age group who have kids or are expecting one!

  2. Thank you for your comment. I agree that it's a great time even for kids who are likely to grow up to be a lot more aware as a result of the exposure as a result of the times.

  3. The advent of internet has been a great boon in all walks of life, quenches the insatiable thirst for knowledge, has brought the world closer by its seamless connectivity, made conversations easier and cheaper, distance is not a matter anymore, once dreary life is exciting as one can pursue their interests as so rightly pointed out by you. kudos. you have expressed my sentiments perfectly. good work

  4. Thank you for your wonderful comments.

  5. The blogger part is too true! The feeling of confidence and ecstasy when your blog post hits a new page-view record is too thrilling!
    Amazing blog post.. Sorry for seeing it late!

  6. Thank you Mithila, for your comments! I am glad you agree! :)

  7. While the technology we have now allows to do so many great things, it is also very scary. Being tracked and internet fraud are too very real things. Even as a blogger myself I'm afraid of my internet security. That being said, I enjoyed the post!

  8. Thanks for your comment, Ricky! I agree that there are pros and cons to anything. I am glad you like the post.