Saturday, September 20, 2014

Khoobsurat (2014) - some thoughts

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First of all, i am strictly against remaking any old classics. i think no one can do justice to the hits of yesteryears. And any attempt to recreate the old magic will at best be an unsuccessful one. (i thought the Don series were well re-made even though i don’t think anyone should have dared to touch a Bachchan classic) 

Coming to Khoobsurat, the spirit of the original film - that of a bubbly girl coming over and toppling the regime of a strict matriarch but later turning out to be the sensible one - is present in the background of the film. Though, it’s a little too much of bubble and much less of a regime. It also doesn’t have the large family the original had, which means less fun. It’s like the director got lost in the insipid love story of the lead pair and forgot the rest only to add them as after thoughts.

The first thing that strikes me is overly, artificially bubbly Sonam in the most garish clothes. i wonder if the bright, uncoordinated outfits are meant to bolster her bad acting skills. i wouldn’t reinforce a stereotype that doctors should always be serious people but Sonam’s character crosses the limit of even being a sensible human - sometimes with even no sense of manners. Supposed to be funny? Irritating, more so. Most of the I-am-so-clumsy incidents appear forced. 

i wouldn’t even venture to compare her to the incomparable Rekha. Rekhs was the true bubbly, fun-loving girl. Sonam just kills it with over-acting. No wonder, daddy dear has to make films for her to keep her going!

Fawad Khan has pretty much the same expression in the whole film - blank! It’s like his facial muscles are frozen. And too bad for him, he’s so cold even in the romantic parts of the film. The only 2 times some light flickers on his face is when he confesses his love and his Punjabi style dialogue in the end. 

The sibling or the fiance in the film seem like an after thought and are potential sources of adding fun wasted. 

Unlike Finding Fanny, the 2 moms are in their element and which is exactly the reason why I went to watch the film. Can skip this. You won't miss much.


  1. Good frank review. Others seem to mirror your thoughts by saying that Sonam Kapoor overacts so much that she makes people around her look unbearable ;)

    It's a pity that directors are blind to stuff like this when the movie is being made... Useless loss of money and reputation for them...

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Vishal!