Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Your Mind is Mine: The Ugesh Sarcar Show

Your mind is mine! (Photo credit)
When Blogadda sent me a tweet asking if I wanted to attend the Ugesh Sarcar show, I had no idea what it was. I went online and did a quick search for the name. The results were intriguing. Ugesh Sarcar is a mentalist, psychic and street magician. I think the first two terms are enough to pique anyone’s interest in the show. I am usually curious about new things and I thought this would be something different. In hindsight, I am glad that I agreed to go. I was eligible for couple platinum passes for the show. Since I had no +1 with me, I went on my own. 

The helpful staff of Blogadda helped my find the venue when I was a little unsure. I reached there and found the ticket counter. The line for everyone was the same. When I found people there holding booking codes, I wondered if I had to do the same. But when my turn came, it was all sorted with the seat number and everything. I collected my ticket and went to the waiting area where others were also waiting. There were some interesting things around even when we were waiting. That’s for you to find out when you go to the next Ugesh Sarcar!

I was full of skepticism and wondered how anyone could read someone’s mind. But the show justified the hype. Ugesh Sarcar, the son of renowned magician MC Sarcar, has grown up with magic around him. And when he steps on the stage, it’s like he just walked out of the poster of the show. The mysterious kohl-ed eyes, the black attire and the black hat complete the look. The big difference - this street magician has no rabbits coming out of his hat. The tricks he performed blew our minds. It is a pretty powerful thing to be able to read people’s minds and doing that before a live audience is the mark of a true genius! He found answers to questions people only thought of during the show and guessed numbers that were random. 

Although I am sure there are strong scientific principles behind these ‘tricks', it was a unique experience to witness something like this before our eyes. And it was all the more special for me since it was my first time and I had no expectations. I’d recommend this show to anyone who hasn’t yet been to it. It's hard to do justice to the real thing in blog posts. 

(Disclaimer: This post is not a paid one and the views here are from my own experience of the show)

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