Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sophie Kinsella: Remember Me?

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella (Photo credit
The title of this post is significant for more than just the title of Kinsella's book. As you might have noticed that this is my first post this year. So it's also a question for you guys, remember me? Maybe you should read, comment and share some of my posts in my absence so that I know that you do! :)

Getting on with the real book, Since I discovered Sophie Kinsella a few years ago, she has become my comfort read. I have read most of her books and re-read them. (The cover page of another book that I am now re-reading mentions titles under her pseudo name that I haven't read. So i'm off to treasure hunt after this!). And I started the year with her for my light reads. I just finished, Remember Me? It's hard to talk about this book without giving away the plot. So please bear with me. You will still have fun reading it, which I strongly recommend. The story is about this girl-next-door who meets with an accident and wakes up in the hospital but it happens that this is after another accident 3 years later. Only she wakes up to find her memory stuck at the first accident. Her life from then to now is blank. How she deals with it, is the story. You'll be surprised to read the consequences of the 3 year lapse in her memory. And this is what set me thinking!

How long is 3 years in a person's life? Considering the phase you are in in your life, it could starting and finishing graduate school, going from being single to married, the birth of a child to a school going toddler, from employed to entrepreneur. Your friends might be different, your equation with the family might have changed. Or maybe not! Remember Me? is an interesting journey down someone's forgetful path! And this is exactly why the book is so riveting!

Think of yourself as you were at the beginning of 2013. Imagine waking up now with your life as it was in Jan 2013 and blank about the next 3 years! How was your life 3 years ago? How were you as a person? Less confident? More carefree? How glaring would the change in your life be in these 3 years? Interesting to ponder and discover? I am extra eager to know your responses in your comments. Think about it. I think it's a pretty interesting exercise!

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  1. Wow! That sounds like a good book. I will find it to read. 3 years of life vanishing like this sounds scary. In my life last 3 years have been good so I lose them, I would be petrified :/
    Thank you for making me think on these lines.