Thursday, August 28, 2014

And I will be back...

Hello everyone! i have been away from my blog this month. You know how it does take over once in a while and things like blogs take a back seat. But i am not going to give up and vanish like i have done in the past. i have worked hard to keep up the frequency of the blog this year. And i not anything, i aim to write even more often than in the past.

Planning for the future!

While i have realized that i should have put together some posts this month, i have held my horses. i thought that i should use this break as an opportunity to plan content for future so that i can easily maintain the frequency. So instead of being in a hurry to write my next post, i am putting together interesting posts so that you have fun reading them starting 1st of September. So watch this space for exciting posts in the future!

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