Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thank you, Miss!

The best days in life are times spent in school. And our favorite teachers are from that era. Of course, that’s before real life takes over. But it was pretty fascinating to go back to one of my school teachers, 20 yrs after school and learn a very valuable life lesson! 
My sister and her girls outside the classroom
This happened as a part of my sister and i exploring the city of our birth together after 2 decades. One important stop in our sojourn was visiting our old high school. Most teachers have, of course, retired except some of them from my time which was 4 years after my sister finished school. On some asking around, we found out that our class teacher from class 10, Mrs. Bhaskar, lived close by and that we might be able to meet her. We got her number, called her up and were happily invited to drop in.

i never ever imagined i’d be sitting with my teacher 20 years after school! It was exciting and humbling at the same time. We found her living in a small apartment. There was just about enough space for us - 2 adults and 2 kids along with her. She seemed to have put the chairs together for us after she knew we were coming to visit her. She lived alone because she doesn’t have kids. Her husband, who she said she had married late in life to have companionship in her old age, had also passed away. Despite that, the zeal and positivity that she had, at 73, about her life and situation was definitely inspiring. 
With Mrs. Bhaskar

She was thankful that God had given her good health and she could move around as she pleased. In fact, she felt blessed that God chose her to give a long life while her other siblings had passed away. I think most us in a similar situation would loathe a long, lonely life while she took it as a sign of being the chosen one! 

Lesson learnt: Attitude is what makes your life what it is! Forget old age and loneliness, i crib about so many things despite a healthy body, a very caring spouse, the freedom to do what i like with my life and the resources to make those dreams come true. We take all that we have for granted and complain about what we don’t. To find one of my favourite teachers live with limited means felt sad since her students have prospered and call her from different parts of the world, still. But her attitude of taking life in her stride is what put my optimism to shame. In my most depressing times, I will always remember those five minutes of my life.

Thank you, Miss, for still being the best teacher and giving me such a precious lesson. 


  1. Beautifully written :) Plus I miss one of my favourite teachers after reading it :)

  2. AWW reminds me of my teachers too. i keep in regular touch with my economics, sociology and political science teachers on facebook and met them up also :) even school teachers remember i finished schooling in 87 but still evergreen and with classmates well we have moved on in life but connect on whatsapp call up and chat now and then its as if we are still in school, make it a point to meet once everyyear have a party too. lots of nostalgia

  3. Very nicely written Sum.. Inspite of multiple people we meet in our lifetime, nothing compares to the magic of old teachers. Kudos to her.. :)

    P.S. Being an avid reader, this blog reminded me of this book Tuesdays with Morrie, which beautified this student-teacher relationship.

  4. Very well written.. :) Made me reminisce about my schooldays and school days. I have been wanting to visit my school & take my son along so that he sees the place I studied but for some reason I haven't been able to do that. I have now decided that I will do this the next time I am in Chennai. :) People teach us a lot of lessons but we seem to miss a lot of them. This is one lesson that we shouldn't miss and I most certainly wouldn't. :)

  5. It's really nice that you are in touch with her still.