Monday, May 5, 2014

Flimsy Films - Bhootnath Returns

To begin with, it’s a delight to watch Big B on screen. His persona and charisma is still worth watching. The set of Bhootworld looks like a play setting but nice. The movie does start on a comic note. Kids not getting scared of a ghost is somehow supposed to be funny. Since most of the story is leaked during promotion, we kind of know the drift already. The problem occurs when you try to look for what you expected from the film - a fun ghost film with a kid. Just like the last film. But the movie takes a completely different turn this time.

The film does make a compelling case for voting. i’ll give it that. But then it ceases to be the sequel but just has the same characters telling a very different story. The film, very early on, loses its comic tone and gets serious and idealistic about voting and defeating criminal candidates. It just ends up being a dreamy Bollywood film, like Nayak, where you are expected to get carried away with the characters and indulge in fantasy - how India can change if people turned back from their election-day holiday trips and went voting, if they rejected bribes and did not give in to intimidation and voted for the right candidate. But the bhoot himself contesting elections seems to have taken it a bit too far. i was wondering how would the ghost run a govt if it he won. And the plot of the film will not let him lose!

What would have probably kept the original theme and comedy of the film alive was to have the supernatural power help out a good candidate win. The same thing could be shown in a lighter manner by making the bhoot become instrumental in getting people to do what is right. And convey it even by taking some potshots at the wrong candidate. It could still be a fun, adventurous roller coaster as Parth and Bhootnath play pranks as they go about showing the country what could be done instead of what the people are doing right now.

i wasn’t very happy with the way this one turned out to be. If you haven’t watched it yet, you haven’t missed much.

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