Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Queen - some thoughts

i went to watch Queen because of all the positive buzz about it. Honestly, i wouldn’t plan to catch up on a movie Kangana Ranaut in it. (Memories of Tanu weds Manu come flooding back). Even though it took me a couple of weeks to finally plan it, the movie was still on in theaters - rare for a woman oriented film to last that long. So that was another clue for me that it is doing well. Even on a weekday afternoon, there were more people than i expected, even though no closer to a full house. And i am glad that i did not miss this one! A breath of fresh air after a long time. 

The simplicity of the film won my heart hands down. i am not expert enough to really comment on the technical aspects like cinematography and screenplay. But the way the story is grounded at all times appeals to me. From the Rani’s look to the way she behaves all through is very realistic and in keeping with the tone of the story.

The change in Rani through her middle class, typical Delhi house in Rajouri to the Paris and Amsterdam is very subtle. When the scene shifts to Europe, i expected the quintessential Bollywood makeover to happen. But the change here is so gradual, just like it would be in real life. Rani is as reluctant to drink wine or live with boys in the same room as a girl from her background would be. Her clothes don’t turn designer to match the foreign locale. In fact, a black bra under a pink kurta seemed a classic stroke in her character.

The story is motivating like English Vinglish was. The moral was more pronounced here. Shit happens. But it all depends on how we perceive it. We can always turn it around into positive. i wouldn’t say that this applies only to women. This can be a learning for anyone.  And think the movie gives such a fantastic turn to a catastrophe in the life of a middle class Delhiite.

i cannot end my post without talking about Kangana Ranaut. She may not be rated as one of the top actors of the times. But this movie definitely proves that she can act. She carries the film solely on her able shoulders with no glamour or no surprise turn of events to help her. You can feel her anguish and happiness.  You cry and laugh with her. She has managed to make Queen a hit by the sheer dint of her talent!

Go watch Queen if you still haven't.

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