Thursday, March 20, 2014

Look around....

Technology has made the world a smaller place. The geographical boundaries don’t make any difference. We can connect with people in any part of the world and even be friends with them. We have a whole online personality through which we reach out to people. We get to know each other through our interactions. I have often thought why do I need to go personally to meet prospective clients and consultants when we have such fantastic way to accomplish the same thing on Skype.

But have you ever wondered why that personal meeting is so important? Actually, nothing else works like getting up close and personal. Photos come closer where you have at least some idea of how a person looks. Someone recently on a social networking website claimed to figure out my nature on the basis of a couple of chats and my photo on the website. Hence that one look is important to know what a person is like. But that meeting is important to get a fair idea of what a person really is like. Hence, social occasions are meant to ‘meet’ people since all the online presence doesn’t compensate for that one personal encounter.

Even more important when someone is trying to make a crucial decision. The resume looks impressive but it is essential to meet up with the incumbent to make the final decision. The profile on the matrimonial website looks great but the final decision can be made only after that personal meeting. You may chat day in and day out online with a friend, but there’s nothing like a face-to-face talk to achieve catharsis. That’s why we need a real shoulder to cry on. We want that real presence who can support us in our times of emotional need.

i know internet is great and virtual relationships are awesome! But for quality relationships, look around and find real people around you. Those are the people who will matter the most and be there when you really need them. We may have 2000 friends on Facebook and 10,000 followers in Twitter, but the ones who can be personally present are the only tangible friends. The rest are lost in the virtual world of the world wide web.


  1. Hey, thats a nice read...!!! keep it going...!!!

  2. A well articulated article.

    Building on your premise, I think I have realized that I have separate filters/definitions for people I meet online and offline respectively. With the ones I interact online, I have acquaintance and I build connections. With the ones I meet offline, I would say its an interaction geared towards building a real, conventional relationship, be it personal or commercial.

    I like your writing. Good flow and does not lag in terms of introducing new facets of an idea.