Thursday, February 20, 2014

All is Well!!

My old pair of shoes looked perfectly fine when i saw someone with no legs

Traveling to distant places to see the world lost its charm since people living close by became distant

My everyday complaints were silenced when life changed completely for 2 little children orphaned by their father's untimely death

It didn't seem right to fuss about what i ate when i found street children fighting over the contents of a dumpster

Running to lose weight appeared pointless looking at people too diseased to ever gain any

It didn't matter where i lived seeing an old man make his bed by the corner of the street

Hunger shrunk and died in my stomach when a street child looked up at me with expectant eyes for some of the food i was waiting for

My piling shopping bags brought guilt when the maid asked to borrow a few since she never went to "places like that"

Luxuries i took for granted seemed gross and unjust in the light of people who spent their entire lives going nowhere near them

My painless limbs and legs felt more valuable looking at someone who's life would never be normal and pain free again because a part of the body had given up

i valued the magic of sight as i saw hands groping in darkness because their owners weren't blessed with it

i am sure we find a lot of flaws in our everyday life and crib about it. But when you look around you, you will find several things that you take for granted but are definitely blessed to have them. So take a few moments to look around you and find those things you can be grateful for. This post is my thank you prayer to God for making me one of his own children and giving me a healthy happy life.. Despite how flawed I think it is! :)


  1. Well said & well written Suman! Attitude of Gratitude is the only way to a Successful Happy Life!! Lets all Thank the Uparwala for all that He hs done 4 us and all that He has planned to do 4 us!