Friday, January 31, 2014

Re-invent yourself!

i know that people who know me personally would know the motivation behind this post. They may say that i am sending out this advice to others because it worked out for me. But i know there’s a way it can work out for everyone.

For people who have been wondering what all this about, here it is. You know how we were all excited about even simple things in life when we were teenagers. Movies with college friends or a getting a new top made us so happy. And then we grew up. Real life took over, we got busy with our jobs and just forgot to do things that make us happy. Even things that we might not have done before. Our sense of adventure definitely went down with age and responsibilities. And it does come to us as a surprise when we see others probably do something drastic to their looks or their clothes. Some of us even wish we could be that brave and try different things out.

So today’s post is about - why not? Go ahead and re-invent yourself. This is as important as anything else that we do in our life. Probably more important because this is just for You! A caveat tho - trying different things isn’t a one time thing. You may have changed your hairstyle 10 years ago and thought you were cool. But you left it at that. And now you think - gone are those days when i could do crazy stuff. i am grown up and responsible. Well, we all are! But should that stop us from doing things that will us happy. And trust me, when you look around, those things might not even be as expensive or crazy or time consuming as you think.

i have been doing that every couple of years. For me, it’s mostly my hair. i feel the best way to make a difference to how you feel - and look - is to play around with your hair. My fantasy has always been to have really short hair. But i always chicken out and decided go as short as it would suit me on the eve of hitting the 3rd decade of my life. i wasn’t generally too brave above short hair in the front but i did it. And it looked and felt awesome. And since then, it’s been something new every couple of years. Straight hair to now, bangs! i never thought i could get this adventurous but i guess the part of the fun is in stretching our limits.

i understand that if you are a management consultant, you may not want to turn up at a client meeting in hair that’s streaked red. But i am sure there can be other crazy things that appeal to you. How about getting on to the bandwagon of coloured pants for men? Or getting some fuchsia pink lip colour for the women. They are not permanent but can definitely brighten up your day. And you can go around with a spring in your step because you just got cooler than you were!

All i am saying is - stop dreaming and go do what you always wanted to but just chickened out. It wont cost your life. It’s just little changes in your hair, clothes, shoes (remember the pencil heels you wanted to always own?). Anything that makes you hold up the finger to life and say - you can be unfair and stressful and demanding, but that will not stop me from finding the time and the inclination to do what makes me happy!

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  1. What a bang on idea...Now the next step is to learn dancing ;-)