Monday, June 17, 2013

Rain rain...go away!

They: Oh! The weather’s so lovely! Raining and green and romantic! I love this weather!
Me: i hate the rains!
They: What are you saying? Really??
Me: What’s so romantic?
They: Wow! Sipping coffee, watching the rain is so wonderful!
Me: And what happens when you have to step out?

Dig a little deeper and to that love of rain comes with a ‘conditions apply’. It lasts only as long as the cup of coffee comfortably sprawled on your couch. And then it’s all there. The troubles of reaching office in muddy waters. Sitting all day with wet ends of your pants folded. The stubborn rickshaw walas who exercise their right to free will exactly during monsoons. Clogged roads that make walking on them a messy task. Puddled potholes that further slow down the drive home. The groceries that are finally over and you have to step out now to buy more. Or maybe order food for home delivery. But the torrential rain ensures that by the time your food arrives, you’ve waited so long for it that you want to just curl into your bed and sleep. Not to mention the dampness that creeps into every inch of the indoors that you really begin missing the dry crispness of summers.

There is an alternate world like Bollywood that has turned monsoons into a fantastic opportunity for romance. Invariably, it's the leading lady drenched to the core unleashing sensuality...or something like that. (Trust me, all I am thinking watching something like that is "yuck! wet clothes sticking to the body. Get her some dry clothes!) And some of those romantic associations seem to be stuck in real life as well.

In the end, i know it’s fun to watch the rain from the safe distance of our homes and enjoy Raveena gyrating to tip tip barsa paani on TV. But it’s totally different to encounter it in all aspects of life while trying to get on with the practical business of life. So guys, just own up! Rains aren't as wow! on second thoughts as it comes across in the first!

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