Monday, September 3, 2012


Monsoon seems to be finally here in Mumbai. Personally, i don’t see what’s the big deal about monsoon anyway! The only reason I don’t mind rain is because i don’t want my taps to go dry next summer. It's not like i really look forward to it. i also don’t get the whole idea of a romantic walk in the rain with two people huddled under one umbrella. i am pretty sure that cant keep both people dry. Plus your shoes and pants are sure to get wet. i know the Raj-Nargis’ legendary walk in the rain but how many people do you see doing that in real life? Not many! Simply because it is not that fun or romantic actually! Rains are so messy and wet. And in most cities, it is a civic hazard. i had to wade through ankle deep water to make it home from the gym. Finding rickshaws is such a nightmare not to mention the public transport systems become dysfunctional.

i think monsoon is fun for little kids when they are only 2 feet high and about 3 yrs old. This is when you get cute rain coats and cuter baby umbrellas with bunny ears sticking out of them! i saw one such kid dressed in a tiny, pink rain coat that went all the way to the feet. i could only make out that little figure wrapped in pink plastic happily jumping around in the rain! Rain is also fun when you don’t have to worry about traveling to work despite the shower. You can just sit by your window watching the downpour, sipping tea/coffee with the mandatory plate of bhajiya!

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