Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thanks, Sis!

Kids have such amazing stress bursting properties which nothing in the world has. No, i am not treating them as objects but it's just that they really work the best! Though it is true that kids themselves can be the cause of a whole lot of stress and constant responsibility. For me, it's difficult to choose between the reward of one beautiful smile or one innocent look or the stress of having to deal with them 24/7!

But thank God there are siblings!! Being an aunt is so much better than having your own kids. It's like you are on a vacation with cute little things who you can pamper to the hilt to become their favorites. But at the same time you know that you will be able to return to your life of peace and quiet soon! This bond is extra special to me because my little niece's arrival smashed my record of being the youngest in the family for over 2 decades. i felt so grown up holding her in my arms (even before her parents did- the fact that i still proudly proclaim!) since i had no baby siblings i remember my parents bringing home! Almost 6 years and another little niece later, i feel like a pro at being an aunt.

By the time the next little one appeared 3 years later (who i feel a lot closer to since i was more involved with her since her birth), being a 'maasi' was a given. She's always been a baby for me and honestly, it broke my heart to see her don her new uniform and go to school with her pink bag! Is she old enough already? was my first shocking reaction!

i have kids who are happier to see me and find respite from their parental regime. They know they can get an extra chocolate here and watch a little more cartoon there! (They now know that maasi's laptop has a whole lot of Tom and Jerry cartoons which can be played at will without mum's permission! Just an innocent entreating look at maasi and it works!!). And it is this pampering bit which is the best part!

i have also become more experienced since i know what will get them to do what i want. Kids sure are smarter than we give them credit for. The older one is still the docile angel she has always been but the younger one came as a surprise package. She has a will of her own and really knows how to get what she wants. It doesn't make either of them any less endearing.

It is difficult to imagine what my life would be without this beautiful part in it! Thanks mom, for sis! And thanks sis, for these angels!!

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