Tuesday, February 2, 2010


F.R.I.E.N.D.S - i am totally hooked onto it these days. i’ve no qualms about accepting that i was introduced to this sitcom recently and i had never watched it before. (there has been life on this planet without it and i come from that kind of life). The cry of incredulity “You haven’t seen Friends??!!!!!!!!!!!!” from a couple of people made me watch it out of sheer curiosity to find out what was so great about it. And now my laptop has easily replaced the television during my mealtimes. Important things need to be done...but can i pleeeeeeze watch a bit of Friends while i rub cream onto my feet (hate doing it otherwise!), eat my food, finish my cornflakes and milk and brush my teeth at the end of the day or take the break that i don’t need!!!!!!! At least it makes me laugh!

Well, it is fun in a dumb sort of a way or i wouldn’t be watching it...almost addicted. No, that doesn’t mean that i am dumb, but just that it’s nice to suspend one’s thinking for a change and just go along with stupid jokes that tickle! i mean when was the last time we watched something on television that made us laugh with genuine, well-timed humour? Fresh, tickling humour is a rarity in the entertainment business today and the recipe to make comedy serials is lost in a deep, dark dungeon. From news channels to serials, most believe in scaring us in the guise of entertainment. So it’s the humour that keeps me glued to it. (iknow i just digressed!!) The characters are funny in their own typical ways, the dialogues are racy, the sense of humour well-timed and you just want to go from one episode to the other.

i find Joey the cutest, funny but sensible. i’d hate Phoebe for being so stupid and irritating if i came across her in my real practical life, but she is so endearing for the very reasons in the sitcom. i love the way Ross, the hopeless romantic, kinda jerks his head when he’s feeling hopeless! i really wish i had the tiny waists that Monica and Rachel have! i sometimes wonder if they are for real. (Well, one look at all their current pictures will tell you they were babies when they acted in Friends, so they had to be tiny. i couldn’t recognise the grown-up Monica!)

i’ve just begun Season 2 and enjoying it to the hilt. The only thing i was wondering about was the boldness in which relationships (apart from friendship) have been depicted in the sitcom. The male characters drool at anything that looks like it has boobs on it and the female characters are obsessed with sleeping with a man. It’s as if every woman is a piece of candy and life is incomplete if you do not have a man to sleep with. Is that some kind of a comment on the standards of American morality in the 90’s? It’s kinda typically American with it’s transient relationships and obsession with sex and i wonder what sense it made to the young viewers in our country. i mean there’s an entire episode dedicated to barging into the shower to check out boobies and peepees!!! This whole dating thing becomes so repetitive and monotonous by the end of it... i haven't got to the end though...

Back to F.R.I.E.N.D.S.........

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